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la nostra cucina

our cuisine

With our chef Antonio Falcone and his team you will have the possibility to become familiar with the best local ingredients, try out the most authentic recipes of the Umbrian and Italian culinary traditions and experiment with the latest methods of cooking and preserving.

Those small but invaluable 'grandmother's secrets' and the new trends in modern cuisine meet in the themes of our cookery lessons: bread, olive oil, pulses, meat and vegetarian dishes. A well-equipped, modern and functionally designed kitchen in a two thousand- year-old building will make this experience even more enjoyable and unique.

Cockery school’s calendar
The gastronomic calendar offers cultural food for thought. Each season has its fruits, its special events, its festivities. Learning to work with nature's rhythms and getting to know the particular ingredients offered by each season is the first lesson in cookery and an important step towards wellbeing. To discover interesting facts and anecdotes related to the culinary customs of festivities is to participate in the culture and traditions of our region. At whatever time of year you book our cookery school, along with our chef you can prepare recipes using the best ingredients of the season, producing tasty results for everyday meals or for special occasions: refined and pleasing dishes offering a well-presented combination of flavours and sensations.

Season Festivities and their culinary traditions Prime ingredients
AUTUMN Grape harvest
All Saints’ Day
Olive pressing
Onions, 'black' celery, mushrooms, olives, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, fennel, leeks, turnips, pumpkins, chestnuts, persimmons, lemons, apples, pomegranates, pears, grapes.
WINTER Saint Nicholas
New Year
St. Valentine's Day
Chestnuts, black winter truffles, turnip tops, broccoli, artichokes, catalogna chicory, cauliflower, cabbage, fennel, escarole endives, garlic, radicchio, spinach, beet, Brussels sprouts, oranges, persimmons, tangerines, mandarins, grapefruits, kiwi fruits.
Easter – traditional menu
Wild asparagus, herbs, nettles, 'strigoli' (catchfly) shoots, 'old man's beard', beet, garlic, asparagus, artichokes, cucumbers, courgettes, beans, carrots, broad beans, lettuce, peas, radishes, rocket, lemons, strawberries, medlar fruits, cherries.
SUMMER Festival of the Gaite (Bevagna) – medieval cuisine
Threshing Celebration of the Beato Giacomo
Onions, green beans, saffron, chicory greens, black summer truffles, tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, celery, courgettes, shallots, apricots, watermelons, figs, melons, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, peaches, plums, blackcurrant, gooseberries.