Welcome to REDIBIS, the restaurant in the roman theatre

Restaurant Redibis is born from the awareness of an absolutely unique real property, and from the intention to withdraw it to  the foregone logic of a museum, in order to destine it to host the ancient rite of eating.

Born of a great work of recovery of Antonini family, the “Redibis” occupies a well-preserved part of the two ambulatories of Mevania Roman theatre which was built in the I century A.D. under Emperor Trajan when many Umbrian towns were given the status of Roman “municipium” and the whole region enjoyed a time of great prosperity. The ambulatory was a broad passageway,  some parts of the existing structures used to be the outer walls of tanks holding water which might have been used during some spectacles.

The theatre could seat 8000 people.

Our cuisine prefers organic foods and meat from herds which are not intensive, and use products of short supply chain, also from local cooperatives involved in social work. We pay close attention to allergies and intolerances. With the help of our staff, you can request dishes suitable for your diet. Especially for celiac guests we provide gluten-free products prepared with required procedures.