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Choosing L'Orto means adding something to the emotion of the journey that will not fade away over the time. Our dream of being able to rescue a real property of such a great historical and architectural value to the wear and tear of time, to abandonment or to a museum-destination in order to give it a new life is possible only thanks to our guests. Choosing L'Orto, they choose to take part to the project to maintain our history and our traditions, to deliver them intact to the next generations.

That's why the trip takes on a special meaning, gives an emotion that lasts over time, that's why L'Orto will always be your home in Umbria.

1904 - Grandpa Filippo and Grandma Maria greet their guests at Foligno train station


Bevagna (Mevania) north-west in the first century AD


Bevagna north-west nowadays