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la casa

The Residence

At the beginning of 1700 a Roman family, related with the great architect Lorenzo Bernini, moved to Bevagna and let restore as its residence a complex propriety, constituted by an elegant palace of 1600, overlooking the remains of a roman temple and of a theatre of the I Century a.d., over which were first built small fourteenth century habitations, then, in 1500, raised up the noble residence of an important family from Bevagna. The one who projected the restoring on behalf of the owners, worked with the thought of a genius. He didn't try to harmonize such various and different identities by sacrificing some of them. He thought of what he had in front of him as of a unique body, to which he should give life. And in order to give life to a body, you only need to give it a heart. With this simple and solar idea, he inserted among the stone remains an unbelievable hanging garden. Once the heart was discovered, it was finally clear that many different things were a unique structure. It was in the year 1710.

From then on, with little interventions, almost everything remained unchanged, and the various “antiquities” still emerge from unmistakable architectural connotations. The heirs of the Counts Angeli Nieri Mongalli (succeded in the property from 1788), opened to hospitality this extraordinary place, called L'Orto degli Angeli after the hanging garden which, from three centuries, gives the breath of an unique body to limbs of such different origins. As a homage to the roots of their family and their country, they realized, with the support of the archaeological Supervising, a great work of excavations and restoration on the prestigious remains inside the property, (in particular the two ambulatories of a roman theatre of the I century A.D.). This way, after many centuries, they gave back to the daily fruition also these places of extraordinary suggestion, now hosting our restaurant Redibis. L'Orto degli Angeli was endowed from the region of Umbria with the qualification of “Historical Residence” for the high historical-architectural value and the quality of the furnishings, adapted to particular style of the hospitality.

Who lived this mansion

Carlantonio di Crispolto Angeli (1722-1800) buy in 1788 the mansion nowadays called “L'Orto degli Angeli”. His heirs are the grandchild Filippo Maria Angeli and his son

Giuseppe Angeli Nieri (1783-1838) La Casa that marries (1811) Lucrezia Volumnia Mongalli.In 1825 is elected noble of Bevagna and gonfalonier in 1835. After the will of his uncle count Alessandro Mongalli (nephew of Pope Leone XII) the first-born of Giuseppe ,
Filippo Angeli Nieri Mongalli (1819-1861) La Casa is forced to reside in Spoleto and in 1843 is counted in spoletina aristocracy. He die in 1861 and the heritage passes at his brother
Antonio Angeli Nieri Mongalli (1820-1879) La Casa patriot and mayor of Bevagna that in 1873 marries
Caterina Mattoli Palma (1848-1932) La Casa Their children are Eugenia (1874-1951) La Casa
and Filippo Angeli Nieri Mongalli (1877-1920) La Casa that marries Maria Battisti (1882-1934) La Casa
Their doughter Laura Angeli Nieri Mongalli (1905-1983) La Casa marries Antonino Antonini (1899-1947)
Their son Francesco La Casa marries Tiziana and have Laura.