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the garden

The garden has always been the heart of the Residence and its charming atmosphere appeals to the different senses. It is a treat for your sight and smell with its old-age wistaria, the sweet-smelling jasmin, the beautiful clematis and the old-fashioned rose beds tended by the family and their experienced and famous friend Helga Brichet. It also has much to offer to your taste: in fact the lavender flowers are used for one of our delicious desserts. But the peace and quiet coming from this "green box" has older and deeper roots than those of the beautiful vegetation: in fact the garden lies on what was once the main ambulatory of the Roman theatre (I century A.D.), next to the "sacred" area of the old town, where the remains of two Roman Temples are still visible inside the property.The sacredness of the place derives both from its pagan origins and the revitalising Christian epiphanies of the Middle Ages.

Just think of St. Francis, who, on his way to Bevagna, preached to the birds while standing on a stone which is said to be the one kept in the old church next to the Residence, not to mention the Blessed Giacomo Bianconi, pride of the Dominican Order in the 14th century, who contributed to the rebirth of Bevagna. History, spiritual and cultural values still linger in the garden which looks like a stage with its blooming flowers surrounded by important Roman remains and medieval buildings. On one side Palazzo Andreozzi provides the backdrop with the view of its 18th-century frescoed ceilings, while on the other side Palazzo Alberti completes the scene with its precious 16th-century loggia. Reading a book or having a drink in this unique atmosphere will make you understand why, when asked "Can I help you?", one of our guests answered: "Here there is all".

1898 - The “orto” garden


1905 - Grandma Maria
and mum


1906 - Grandma Maria,
aunt Eugenia and little


1917 - Peppino de Santis
Skilled hunter


1934 - Aunt Laetitia under secular wisteria


1951 - Elvira Schmitz in
tha garden with Antonio,
Claudio and Francesco