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your italian dream


L’Orto degli Angeli is an ancient property in Umbria. Its vocation to hospitality allows its guests to taste the real Italian touch; all the ingredients of the good living, of which Umbria represents a today rare synthesis, connoted from a context to man measure, to the roots of the great Italian art and spirituality, into a nature generous of surprises in every season.

Secular integration of the residence and the family with the village allows the guests to enrich their stay, already comfortable and relaxing for itself, with a great pleasantness and authenticity of human relations.

For people coming from abroad there's no more comfortable and pleasant way to understand, though in a small reality, the Italy of Today and the Italy of Yesterday: here you can enjoy the warmth of a beautiful village but you also live your journey among the signs of twenty centuries of history, that L'Orto degli Angeli itself admirably shows. One excellence of Umbria's offers, the food, boasts a unique atmosphere in the restaurant Redibis, placed in the precious ambulatories, miraculously intact, of an ancient Roman Theatre of the I Century after Christ.

Bevagna also offers an extraordinary position in the centre of the region. All the pearls of Umbria, from the most celebrated to the most hidden, are literally to hand capacity; moreover the comfort to catch up the beautiful neighbouring zones of Lazio, Tuscany and Marches, with round-trip in the turn of a few hours.

A journey at L'Orto degli Angeli will remain in your eyes, in your mouth and in your heart as your Italian dream.