fotoAn important Roman settlement on the Via Flaminia by the River Topino. The centre still preserves parts of the medieval walls and important monuments. The Cathedral, consecrated to the bishop and martyr S. Feliciano, still shows the date of construction 1133, even if it owes its present form to the local architect Giuseppe Piermarini (1734-1808). Places worth visiting are: the 13th-century Church of S. Domenico, the Church of S. Maria Infraportas and Palazzo Trinci, the residence of Ugolino Trinci, lord and master of the town between 1389 and 1407. It houses the Archaeological Museum and the Picture Gallery. The beautiful «Giostra della Quintana» takes place on the second and third Sundays of September. A procession of people in 17th-century costumes parades through the streets and the 10 knights, representing the 10 districts of Foligno, show their skill in a spectacular tournament.