fotoAt the foot of Mount Subasio, set on a hill bathed in light from dawn to sunset, Assisi is a precious jewel which carefully preserves its heritage. Whatever direction you come from your eye is first caught by the imposing Basilica, built to receive the mortal remains of St. Francis, then by the other churches with their high bell towers and the pink stone houses encircled by the 14th-century walls. The Fortress still watches over the place from the top of the hill and time has hardly changed the paths leading to S. Damiano Convent, where St. Clare lived, and to the Prison Hermitage with its age-old ilexes. Assisi has always been the «mystic heart» of Umbria and attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to its extraordinary works of art and the figure of a man who preached peace and is now the spiritual symbol of the country.