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From the pizzeria 'Forno degli angeli' comes pizza with wings

la pizza con le ali

Although it is now a product in almost all over the world, pizza is widely regarded as an original dish of Italian cuisine. There are so many places, from north to south of Italy, who both claim paternity, but one thing we are reasonably sure: Neapolitan or Roman, or even Genoese, pizza is always synonymous with "Made in Italy.
The Garden of Angels has "rescued" and recovered 800 recipes of its tradition, some of which related to the preparation of pizza. In fact, for the uninitiated, even Umbria has an ancient tradition in making this famous dish in the countries and countryside.
So with this idea, we decided to open the "Forno degli angeli", a pizzeria that has the main objective to introduce and, above all, to enjoy the Umbrian pizza, prepared with seasonal local ingredients as say the oldest recipes of the place.
And 'from here comes the pizza with wings ".
The place where we can rediscover these ancient flavors come from a very remote past: in fact you can taste the "Threshing's pizza" or the delicious "Pizza of abundance" in a room where you can still see the basement in travertine and two original columns of a Roman temple of the first century.


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