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Beppe Bigazzi: A dream, beautiful even just to dream

Interno della residenza

"... Going down the hills of vineyards and a few olive trees, you reach a car park on the banks of a stream enchanted: clear water that graze the grassy banks between two rows of leafless trees, from which you can see the walls and towers of poignant simplicity and beauty ....

"... Suddenly one of the most beautiful squares in Umbria and Italy: white facade of the church with a large rose window, the white fountain, the white vault that come alive each year during the
"Gaite " festival... Then a simple, beautiful road that runs north and on the left, we find a building, overlooking a street that narrows as to be easily circumvented by a footbridge over who opens one of the most romantic gardens of our country ... "
"... On the right, in a Roman theater, the restaurant. A team sheet for efficiency and discretion will accompany on the noble floor where, on the right of a beautiful room with tiled floors that centuries of beeswax and work have made like velvet, there is a double door opened on a beautifully furnished lounge worn: On the right is the door of a bathroom and in front of a room with a huge bed, as in Arab countries. Entering the view from the windows on the left is fascinating: an enchanted garden with antique roses and jasmine ... "
"... It is true that we are in a dream, but enter the basement of a Roman theater! Dinner is wonderful for the service, food and wine. And then sleep in an eighteenth century palace of an intact medieval city, after eating, I repeat, in a Roman theater !..:"
"... This dream can be realized in Bevagna (Perugia), at L'Orto degli Angeli of Mrs Tiziana and Mr Francesco Antonini Angeli Nieri Mongalli."
These are some of the thoughts and impressions of Beppe and Giuseppina Bigazzi, corporate executive, journalist and gastronome, in his book "365 giorni di buona tavola" ed. Giunti 2010.
We thank him and take this opportunity to renew our important and enjoyable friendship.


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