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The photos of grandfather Pippo

1890 - The photos 'Buffalo Bill wild west show' of grandfather Filippo Angeli Nieri Mongalli.

Buffalo Bill

Involved in the world of show and entertainment in 1883 William Frederick cody creates "Buffalo Bill wild west show".

A circus show where he recreates in typical style western, "The battle of Little Bighorn": genuine cowboys and redskins of the time, Toro Seduto (Sitting Bull, legendary chief Sioux) Calamity Jane and will Bill Hickock. For about 20 years of activity "Buffalo Bill wild west show" became a success in the States and also in Europe. The show reaches also in Italy in 1890, in Rome, and on the 8th of March looses the challenge against the cowboys (butteri) of Agro Pontino with the leader Augusto Imperiali.
In that year grandfather Filippo Angeli Nieri Mongalli was present at a show with his camera and being able to immortalize the event. We have 8 original slabs of glass of that incredible show of great emotions at the end of the century.



  • Buffalo Bill 2
  • Buffalo Bill 3
  • Buffalo Bill 4
  • Buffalo Bill 5
  • Buffalo Bill 5

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