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The Roman bricks

I mattoni triangolari

During the work of consolidation and recovery of the Alberti Palace (2002), on the top of the external walls to the porch, we found many Roman bricks, mainly of two types, and reused as fill during the major restoration done on the structure from 1700 to 1710.

From the triangular brick cladding of the structure we realized that the theater went back on the first / second century AD
The triangular bricks came from the types of bricks called "Bessali" square-shaped two-thirds of "Roman foot" side, approximately 20 cm.
They were used according to two triangles along the diagonal, which remained visible on the external face (length less than a foot, 26/27 cm) and and with the vertex inside for material savings.
The other type of brick with curved sides belonged instead to the nearby temple.
The brick-shaped circular sector or, more rarely, full circle, serving to create and ceil the masonry columns which were then plastered and colored.


  • I mattoni per le colonne

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