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La scrittura incrociata

It was a quite rare habit in Italy, but sometimes, especially when consulting old correspondence documents, you can encounter in the use of cross-writing.

This way of using calligraphy was born from the need to save paper, expensive and hardly available during periods of difficulty and in particular during the wars of the past century. Even my grandmother Maria Angeli Nieri Mongalli used often in her letters, and especially in those so tormented years, the cross-writing. She used to write with her beautiful calligraphy, first horizontally and then vertically, forming a square texture of great harmony.
After an initial embarrassment about the understanding of the text and some attempt to find guidance, reading scrolls fairly easy and curious. For Maria, it became a kind of play, and she was even able to change the ink, using a different colour to change direction.
The final graphic effect is so suggestive, that our friend Alberto Hohenegger, a talented graphic designer, has used it for the flyleaf of the cover of our book "The recipes of the Angels".


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publication date 20/01/2010 11:42 | Share